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Graphika Manila 2017

Client: Graphika Manila
Project: Graphika Manila Opener
Year: 2017


Graphika Manila is the premier creativity conference in the Philippines, hailed as one of the most influential events on design this side of the world.

We were approached by Aram, the organiser of Graphika Manila, to work on this year's branding. Of course, we couldn't refuse! We were also featured as speakers, speaking alongside Gary Baseman, Artgerm, Marcel Ziul, Jonathan Kim, Kerby Rosanes, Rizon Parein, etc.


We took in mind the goals of Graphika Manila's attendees:
To learn, get inspired and adapt to new ideologies and thoughts.
Our concept of adaptation brings us from the past to present, into the future.

The Past (ourselves as designers) to Future (successful designers);
To do this, we introduce the evolvement of one animal to another.


The Carabao
(also known as the water buffalo):

The Carabao is a representation of endurance and that that displays patience and resilience. These are the same values that are required to get started in the industry. It represents our struggles of each individual.

The Fish:


The fish is a representation of unity and strength in numbers. Only when we learn from each other and work together, then we are able to improve ourselves and grow.

The Philippine Eagle:


The Philippine Eagle is a representation of strength, uniqueness, wisdom and firmness. All of which are traits of a successful designer.



Environmental Concept:

We introduced three different environments to our story, the canyon, a freshwater lake, and the skies.

The canyon is a representation of an empty, dry, and bumpy start of every individual. The freshwater lake is a representation of a different form of struggle, fighting against the water currents. The skies is a representation of freedom and endless reaches. This is every designer’s target and achievements.


Logo Design:

We implemented our animals into the logo by blending the visual style together to keep both intact through its logo.



Poster Design:

With the concept and logo locked down, we are then able to proceed to create the poster using our characters and its environment. With the poster, we incorporated the different environments that we conceptualised to provided.


Initial Website Concept:

We proposed to create a website that brings the audiences through a form of visual storytelling,
with its different perspectives, environments and animals. To further emphasise the experience, we wanted to play with depth and moving gifs.



Event Tickets:


Character Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation:

Typography Experiments and Breakdown:

Background Modelling and Texturing:

Client: Graphika Manila (
Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (
Creative Direction: Benjamin Ang, Muhammad Riduan, Ian Chua, Joey Quat, Jeffry Wen
Art Direction: Benjamin Ang
Design: Rachael Lum, Ian Chua, Kristine Chua, Joey Quat
Animation: Muhammad Riduan, Rachael Lum, Ian Chua, Darren Shieh, Alvin Gunawan, Jeffry Wen
Sound Design: Zendyll (

Project Credits:

MTV Fan Ex


We worked together with MTV Asia, to produce a broadcast package for Fan Ex (Fan Experience). The broadcast package consists of logo developments, logo animations, an opener, a closer, bumpers, background animations, billboards, lower thirds, donuts and transitions.

Our concept revolves around an ultimate fangirl, who keeps a collage of memories of different performances and concerts which she has been to.

Client: MTV Asia
Project: Fan Ex
Year: 2016

Production: Riduan Ali, Benjamin Ang
Art Direction: Riduan Ali, Benjamin Ang
Design: Riduan Ali, Kristine Chua
Animation: Riduan Ali, Kristine Chua
Compositing: Riduan Ali, Kristine Chua

Project Credits

Terror Unmasked

Client: Mediacorp
Project: Terror Unmasked
Year: 2016


Mediacorp approached us to work on their latest documentary, Terror Unmasked. We created their opener, map sequences, and animated their reenactments according to their scripts. This documentary is shown on Channel News Asia in all national languages.

Art Direction: Benjamin Ang, Riduan Ali
Design: Riduan Ali, Ian Chua, Rachael Lum,
Darren Shieh, Yeeshi Wong
Animation: Riduan Ali, Ian Chua, Rachael Lum,
Darren Shieh, Yeeshi Wong

Project Credits


Tien Hsia Opener


In this video, we created cell animated designs to mimic children's drawings, further emphasising their words and actions.

This promotional content was advertised on both Mediacorp's Channel 5 and Channel 8.

Client: Tien Hsia
Project: Tien Hsia Opener
Year: 2016

Agency: Arkchetype Productions
Film by: Arkchetype Productions
Art Direction: Riduan Ali, Benjamin Ang
Design: Riduan Ali, Ian Chua, Joey Quat
Animation: Riduan Ali, Ian Chua, Joey Quat
Compositing: Riduan Ali

Project Credits

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