Oh, hello there.

We are Genesis, a motion design studio based in Singapore.

Our Specialisation

We create video content for brands, businesses,
agencies, broadcast, events and production houses.

Catering a holistic solution that integrates motion graphics, animation,
live-action, visual effects, music and sound design with strategy;
to help bridge your ideas to your audience seamlessly.

How are we Different

Not only do we produce creative concepts and craft stunning visuals, but most importantly, we tailor-make customer-orientated content to generate results.

We help our clients grow by creating awareness, solving business problems and
creating sales and marketing strategies by helping them understand their customers.

The Process

We take a step backward before starting on every project,
to discover the problems faced before strategising a Solution together.

Our Valued Clients

Here are some of our clients, agencies and events,
whom we have had the pleasure of creating work for.


Got an Idea?
Let's Work Together.